Festival Fantazie is a traditional (since 1996) pop culture festival that blends the approach and program of Eastern European fan cones and Comic-Cons around the world. It brings together a wonderful program of events, especially for fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror in games, films, anime and comics, books and illustrations, music and costumes etc. The program includes Question & Answer sessions, photo opportunities, and autograph sessions with international and domestic actors, comic authors, writers, and other artists and interesting personalities. Comic-Con Prague also includes gaming tournaments, film screenings, competitions, workshops, lectures, presentations, exhibitions, concerts, fan merchandise…
The first Comic-Con Prague took place at the O2 universum, which is a new congress centre in Prague, from the 7th to the 9th February 2020.
Festival Fantazie was the largest pop culture festival in the Czech Republic until the Comic-Con Prague, of which it is a co-organizer.
Festival Fantazie is organized by the unsubsidized, non-governmental, non-profit association SFK Avalon, organizing Comic-Con Prague, FanCity, PragoFFest and other pop culture festivals, together with fans and professionals.
There are many different ways to get to Comic-Con Prague. For more information, please see the Information section and click on the Transport sub-section.
Reception opening 25. June 2020 at 17.00
Program opening 25. June 2020 at 18.00
Oficial opening ceremony 25. June 2020 at 22.00
Lectures, workshops, contests, movies, series 9.00 - 23.00
Gaming program 9.00 - 1.30
Night quiet 2.00-8.00
Festival closing 8. July 2020 at 11.00
Of course! Festival fantazie is a great opportunity to meet other fans with similar interests to you.
Absolutely, you're welcome, if your costume meets the requirements in the Rules of Participation .
Real weapons, including cold weapoms, loaded airsoft weapons and other dangerous costume components, are prohibited. Imitation weapons (eg softened larp swords), non-functional weapons are OK.
The ticket can be purchased for one day, several days and for the whole time. A normal day costs CZK 200 and the price gradually increases over time. Participation for 12 full days and 1 half day costs CZK 2,000.
Children and young people up to and including 17 years of age, as well as seniors over 60 years of age and disabled people have half the entrance fee. It is necessary to prove age or disability at the reception.
Tickets can be purchased through pre-sale systém AMBER or at the venue. Tickets are limited in this year 2020, so they may sell out at the venue.
It isn’t necessary, but it might be better for your own personal comfort (should your phone stop working or there was a problem with the barcode reader etc.).
Tickets will be scanned upon entry to the festival. Attention: The QR code can only be scanned once. Once scanned, your ticket becomes void and cannot be used again.
Please do not publish or share your ticket online before the event begins.
The participant is obliged to wear the ticket in the form of a hand strap for the entire period of his / her participation.
Tickets purchased without registration are not for specific persons. Tickets purchased with registration are for specific persons and their handover to another person must be resolved with the festival reception in advance or at the venue.
The festival program and organisation focuses more on adults and young adults, nonetheless, you can bring your child with you.
Children who are 9 years old or younger are entitled to a ticket for free. You must provide proof of age at the festival reception using an insurance card or another document.
Adult companions are responsible for the care of these children, the organisers do not assume this responsibility.
Children younger than 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.
No animals or pets are permitted at the festival, except assistance dogs.
We provide half the entrance fee to holders of a ZTP card. We provide free entry to holders of a ZTP/P card. You must prove your entitlement by presenting your card at the festival reception. Prices of special tickets are without discount.
Accreditation is required for official work at the Festival fantazie ask by info@festivalfantazie.cz by 6 June. There is no entitlement to accreditation, the number of places for journalists, guests, etc. is limited.
Yes. The festival takes place in several buildings as standard, the armband ensures access to all buildings. An extra ticket is required to enter special programs.
Smoking is allowed outside, at a sufficient distance from the building.
Tickets purchased without registration are non-refundable. They are transferable to another person before check-in, they are not transferable after check-in.
Tickets purchased with registration can be returned according to the conditions for changes and cancellations.
In the event that a guest cancels his/her appearance, we will not refund your entry fee and VIP ticket. Money spent on purchasing vouchers for photographs and autographs for that specific guest will be transferred to the bank account from which they were purchased.
In the event that you do not comply with our rules for entering the building, we will revoke your right to obtain a refund.
Use the cloakroom for a fee. The cloakroom is located at the entrance to the Hotel Fantazie
The nearest ATMs can be found on T. G. Masaryk Square, about 600 m from the hotel.
Directly in the festival you will find restaurant and bars with a wide selection of food, snacks and drinks provided by the organizer.
Try the Lost & Found section at the Festival fantazie reception.
You are more than welcome to take photos and videos and then share your photos on social media using the hashtag #festivalfantazie
Nevertheless, during an event, photography is only permitted until 5 minutes after the event has started, and then 5 minutes before it ends. Some events may prohibit photography and filming altogether.
By participating in Festival fantazie, you acknowledge that we can use you in official photographs and videos from the event. Photos and video recordings can be used on the Festival fantazie website, on social media, for Festival fantazie marketing purposes, and in material published by media companies.
For all regular programs where there is free space. The occupancy of the halls is determined by the organizer.
Movies in the cinema and, exceptionally, other programs require the purchase of a special ticket in addition to the standard ticket.
Each program line has its leaders, usually two to three, they are marked with the label Program line leader. If you have a question about the program, use the program published on the Information Area or on the Internet, please do not interrupt the course of the program.
Shows with foreign guests are mostly in English, translated into Czech directly on the stage.
Films will be screened in their original format with Czech subtitles. Most video games will be in English.
Programs in other halls will mostly be in Czech or Slovak.
We only clean the cinema among the films, in other halls only exceptionally.