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Festival fantazie 30.6.-10.7.2016

The biggest pop-culture festival in ČR from the FFestivals series (s. 1996).
Videogames, board- and card-games, dance and music games, RPG, ...

Sci-fi, technology, fantasy, horror, myths, history in movies, series, anime,
comics, books, games: lectures, talks, workshops, contests, tournaments...

Festival fantazie is organized by fans and nonprofit organization SFK Avalon.

THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, we are sorry for mistakes.



14. 04. 2016 facebook

The first foreign guest for FF 2016 is actor Colin Ferguson, known from TV series Eureka, Vampire Diaries, Haven and many others.


02. 04. 2016 facebook

500 registrated fans for FF 2016. Accommodation on beds is almost sold, we organize accommodation nearby Chotebor.


05. 03. 2016 facebook

We open registration system for Festival fantazie 2016. We are looking forward to you and we recommend to registrate very quickly :-).


29. 02. 2016 facebook

Czech version of this website for Festival fantazie 2016 is actual. English version of this website will be prepared till the end of March.


11. 02. 2016 facebook

In cooperation with program linies leaders we have prepared program schedule for FF 2016. We are looking forward!


06. 02. 2016 facebook

We have chosen image for FF 2016, it is from artist Karel Zeman (just as for PragoFFest). We will return to traditional T-shirt and button.


13. 07. 2015 facebook

Universary 20th FF ends. Thanks to all participants and attendees. We believe you enjoy it and are looking forward to meet you at FF 2016!


19. 05. 2015 facebook

Kromě ubytování v přihlášce nabízíme zbylé volné kapacity v tomto souboru ubytovani_ff15_volne.png. Máte-li zájem, napište (přesně o co máte zájem). Kdo dřív přijde...


20. 04. 2015 facebook

The third foreign guest of 20. Festivalu fantazie is actor Paul McGillion, known as  Dr. Carson Beckett, doctor from TV series Stargate Atlantis.


08. 04. 2015 facebook

We invite you to visit 20th Festival fantazie, the biggest festival of pop-culture in Czechia, in days 1.-12. July 2015, in Chotěboř. Registration is open.

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